Dr Daniel Gooch

Research Associate at the Department of Computing and Communications, Open University
Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science, University of Bath

I am principally a human-computer interaction (HCI) researcher. My research interests are motivated by wanting to understand how we can best design technology to fit within, and where necessary change, peoples practices and behaviour. The work I do is interdisciplinary cutting across computer science, psychology, information science, design and education.

My PhD work was focussed on trying to design technologies to support Long Distance Dating Relationships. This work necessitated trying to understand how we can best evaluate and assess technologies within the field of intimate technology as well as developing several new communication technologies. More recently I have been employed as Research Fellow at the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, working on the EU-funded project iLearnRW as a user modelling and design specialist. The project developed a software platform to assist children with dyslexia improve their literacy skills.

I am currently employed as a Research Associate at the Open University working on the MK:Smart project. I am leading the Citizen Innovation strand of the project, focussed around the Our MK initiative, investigating how to facilitate citizen-led activities within Smart City projects.