Professional Activities

A downloadable version of my CV can be found here.

Teaching Experience

2016 - current, Contractor on TM356 at The Open University

During my time at the Open University I have become involved in the re-write of the module TM356 "Interaction design and the user experience". My principle duties were to critically read the four blocks and complete the associated Tutor Marked Assessments (TMAs). Based on my experience of the TMAs I recommended a series of changes which were adopted by the module team. Through this process I became familiar with the unit and was instrumental in creating a video for the additional materials section of the module, exploring some of the evaluation challenges one of the Our MK projects had experienced. I am also assisting with a series of face-to-face hackathon prototyping days to be hosted in February with students from the module.

2012 – 2013 University of Bath Undergraduate and Masters Lecturer

I lectured a unit taught to both BSc and MSc students called Safety-Critical Systems (CM30072/CM50121). My responsibilities include the preparation and delivery of the lectures for the year along with the setting and marking of the unit coursework and exam.

2011 – 2012 University of Bath Undergraduate Dissertation Supervisor

I supervised a final year undergraduate student on their dissertation. The title was: “An investigation into mobile systems to support intimate communication for couples in long distance relationships through sending personalised media”. The student received a first for his dissertation.

2010 – 2011 University of Bath Unit Lead

In 2010 I was a unit lead on the MSc level unit, Collaboration. This involved selecting relevant material for students to read in anticipation for later discussion in class. It also involved facilitating these discussions within class.

2008 – 2011 University of Bath Teaching Assistant

I tutored the year-long Systems Engineering unit for first year Computer Scientists for 3 years. I also tutored second year Computer Science students on a basic HCI unit, Interactions and on their Integrated Project unit for 2 years. My main responsibilities include the representation of lecture materials and guiding students through questions pertinent to the material as well as marking coursework submissions. I was also a point of contact with regards to questions about the coursework.

Public Engagement and Impact Activities

Our MK

Through my work on Our MK it has been essential to engage with the public to create impact in local communities. As such, we have run four networking events connected to each round of funding, attracting around 300 people in total. I have presented the scheme at MK Geek Night to around 100 technical experts. I helped run a showcase of Our MK at the MK Feast food festival, attended by 3000 visitors. We are currently exploring running an event for MK:50, the city-wide celebration of 50 years of Milton Keynes as a city.

I also presented the Citizen Innovation work at the Open University Parliamentary Showcase and Reception in March 2016, discussing the benefits of the scheme, and our plans for the future, with MPs, peers, and representatives from the European Commission and Google.

Our MK has currently been the focus of a story on One MK, Business MK, Citiblog MK, MK Pulse and inbusiness, the magazine for the MK Chamber of Commerce. The Food passport scheme funded by Our MK was also featured on One MK, with the MK Feast also featured. The beacon system funded by Our MK was featured in the Milton Keynes Citizen. The treasure hunt app for promoting use on the Redways was also featured in One MK.

Our MK was also listed as one of the top 5 crowdfunding initiatives in government by Idox. It is also listed as a on flagship example on Wikipedia.

Through my work on the education part of MK:Smart, I have assisted at the Urban Scholars programme at Brunel University where we engaged with 180 year 11 and 12 students, focusing on the challenges of designing with data and running a series of app design sessions. I have also helped run a MK:Smart session at the Bytes Festival, hosted at the National Museum of Computing.

Other Research in the Press

Our postcrossing paper was the focus of a blog post on the postcrossing website alongside posts at and the University of Bath news site. My research on Gamification is also featured on Wikipedia.

Images of Research Competition 2012

Images of Research is a public exhibition held in Bath, where researchers explain their work using just an image and short description, giving an insight to our wide range of research activity that makes a difference to society and produces real benefits.

Doodles by Long Distance Couples. (Left image)
Many romantic relationships suffer from having to live apart. My PhD is based around trying to understand how to build communication technologies to support these distant relationships. One of these technologies is called the Magic Sock Drawer. This system allows the couple to send drawn or typed digital notes to one another which are then automatically printed at the other end. As these examples show, there was a high degree of creativity which went into the creation of these notes. The system has been used by 3 couples for a month each. These couples found that the hand crafted nature of the notes, the effort that went into their creation and the 1-to-1 nature of the system were of benefit and that the system as a whole did help to support their relationship.

Postcards connecting the world. (Right image)
The recent rise of social media is often associated with a decline in the use of traditional forms of paper-based correspondence. Yet the power of technology also means that there are opportunities to faciliate the exchange of paper-based media in new and exciting ways. Our research looks at the online community Postcrossing, where memebers - known as "postcrossers" - send paper-based postcards to other random members around the world. The image above shows a postcrosser mailing his latest batch of postcards. Our research seeks to understand what it is beyond the mere act of sending a postcard that motivates participation in this community. We hope that by understanding the practices associated with Postcrossing, as well as the tangible, nostalgic, and inherently personal nature of postcard exchange, we will be able to design new communication tools that incorporate the most treasured elements of digital and non-digital correspondence.

Academic Service

I have reviewed a number of papers for various conferences including CSCW 2017, 2016, CHI 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013 and 2012, alt:chi 2016, 2011 and 2010, TEI 2011, DIS 2016, 2012 and 2010, Eurohaptics 2010 and PCCAT 2010. I have also reviewed for IJHCS and IwC. I was an AC for the CHI 2015 WiP track.

I was on the Programme Committee for Eurohaptics 2012 and British HCI 2012 and British HCI 2014. I was an AC for the CHI WiP track. During the 2015 ACM conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, I was a panel member for the First International Workshop on Smart Cities.

I became chair of the HCI seminar group at the University of Bath in September 2009 and continued in the role until 2011. The main responsibility was to organise and run a weekly seminar which took the form of internal speakers, guest lectures and discussion-centred sessions/workshops.

I have been a professional member of the ACM and SIGCHI group since 2008.

Guest Talks

"Social Presence in Long-Distance Romantic Relationships", University of Sussex, April 2012. (.pdf)

“Burning Questions in Haptic Research: Thermal Interfaces and their impact on Social Presence”, University of York, January 2010. (.pdf)

“Investigation into the Social Presence Properties of Thermal Interfaces”, Glasgow University, December 2009. (.pdf)