Both at a distance and face to face

As a lecturer at the Open University, much of my teaching is done at a distance - preparing course materials and assessments, organising a variety of events for students and monitoring how our excellent ALs are presenting the materials.

TM356 - Interaction design and the user experience

Module TM356 is a third year unit that gives an introductory HCI unit which takes students through all stages of the design process, from requirements analysis, through prototypying and design up to evaluation.

My role on TM356 was, during course production, to critical read and assess the courseworks. Since the module has moved into presentation, my role has been to focus on the exam and courseworks. I am also responsible for organising the two one-day hackathon workshops we run across the UK to provide an opportunity for our distance students to gain experience of hands-on prototyping.

TT284 - Web technologies

Module TT284 is an second-year unit which first takes students through the underlying architecture, technologies and standards that allow the web to operate. They then recieve material on developing their HTML5, php, Javascript and SQL skills. Finally, in the last section of the material, students recieve material relating to the practicalities of running web technologies, looking at document control and repositories, software engineering for the web and security concerns.

My role on TT284 was, during course production, to co-chair the rewrite of the final section of the module. I continue to be responsible for that material.

TM112 - Introduction to computing and information technology 2

Module TM112 is a first year unit that focusses on three distinct areas:

  • Fundamental underpinnings including architectures, the cloud, mobile computing and binary
  • Problem solving skills and teaching Python
  • How computing fits into society, particularly in social, legal, ethical and security terms

My role on TM112 has focussed on critically reading the material, particularly the courseworks, to ensure that the material released to students is as accurate and well-written as possible.

Previous Experience

At brick Universities

Undergraduate and Masters Lecturer

2012 – 2013 University of Bath

I lectured a module taught to BSc and MSc students called Safety-Critical Systems (CM30072/CM50121). The unit focussed on what safety-critical systems are, common shortcomings and issues with safety concerns is software development and a variety of design methods for safety-critical systems. My responsibilities included the preparation and delivery of the lectures for the year along with the setting and marking of the unit coursework and exam. I also attended the exam board for the year. I taught the module to 43 BSc students and 6 MSc students.

Undergraduate Dissertation Supervisor

2011 – 2012 University of Bath

I supervised a final year undergraduate student on their dissertation. The title was: “An investigation into mobile systems to support intimate communication for couples in long distance relationships through sending personalised media”. The student received a first for his dissertation.

Unit Lead

2010 – 2011 University of Bath

In 2010 I was a unit lead on the MSc level unit, Collaborative Systems. This unit focussed on a variety of current research topics within Computer-Mediated-Communication and using those topics to explore with the students some of the ongoing research questions and controversies within the field. This principally involved selecting relevant material for students to read and then facilitating discussion in class.

Teaching Assistant

2008 – 2011 University of Bath

I tutored the year-long Systems Engineering unit for first year Computer Scientists. I also tutored second year Computer Science students on Interactions, an introductory HCI unit, and on their Integrated Project unit. My main responsibilities include the representation of lecture materials and guiding students through questions pertinent to the material as well as marking coursework submissions. I was also a point of contact with regards to questions about the coursework.